Based on the classic tale of The Three Little Pigs, these colorful books make financial topics simple, tangible and fun!


Instead of the Big Bad Wolf, these Little Pigs face natural disasters that come and go. Peyton, Casey, and Jessie Pig explore such timely topics as spending, saving, working, investing, and sharing to develop resilience and prepare the skills to help them rebuild and thrive again.

Through the power of storytelling, kids learn the power of work, see the value in positively influencing others, and understand personal accountability and the importance of community service.

  • Each book has a money lesson, personal/character lesson, and a community lesson
  • The pigs are diverse and their names are all gender-neutral, so every reader can relate
  • Students enrolled in a school program can earn Badges after reading each book and answering questions
  • Spanish translations and an East Africa edition are available


written by Grant Means   |   illustrated by Alexander Doub

Peyton, a spender who “pays a ton,” is a hard-working piggy who lives in a modest straw house and tends a peach orchard. S/he grows enough fruit to buy lots of fun posters - her/his favorite thing to do! But one day – there is a tornado! Peyton stays safe in the cellar, but when the storm passes, the roof is gone and many peaches and posters are ruined.


Read the story and see how Peyton’s hard work, positive nature and cheerful attitude helped him/her rebuild and succeed.



written by Grant Means   |   illustrated by Alexander Doub

Casey has a big banana farm by a river. S/he is a planner piggy, a saver, makes sure no fruit goes to waste, keeps track of his/her cases of fruit, and loves to have friends over for food! But one day – the river floods! Casey is safe in the attic, and when the waters drain, the house needs major repair.


Read the story and see how the community comes to help, and how Casey’s habits of attention to detail, diligent saving, and a spirit of generosity helped this Pig rebuild and succeed.



written by Grant Means   |   illustrated by Alexander Doub

Jessie grows apple trees, and prepares for the future by raising bees and replanting seeds to grow more trees. This is important when an unexpected disaster strikes – an earthquake! Jessie stays safe, and after the earthquake s/he has resources to be able to help others who lost everything. When times get tough, we all need something to fall back on, and it is by improving ourselves and the world around us that we are ready and able to help others during the unexpected.


Read the story and see how Jessie learns that doing the right thing (even if it means being a little different) empowers you to help others when it matters most.

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