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Start Now Philanthropy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that works alongside Start Now Press to positively impact students with innovative Scholarship Programs.

There is almost universal agreement that we need to start teaching financial literacy sooner. Where efforts do exist, most are aimed at high school or college. The most common wish students have after they have acquired some financial literacy is “I wish I had known this earlier!”


We answer this call with two new Scholarship Programs:

Unusual and innovative, there are three key differentiators:

  • With learning opportunities built into the awards, they give much more to the students than a sum of money at graduation

  • Micro-seed Scholarships go to the youngest students at their first starting point in school, in Kindergarten, with holistic financial lessons that grow with them

  • Scholarships 2K4U! go to the junior in high school, with 2K for college, plus relevant work projects in their senior year


Find out how you can partner with us today!

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