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Introducing the Cash Cows

A Globe-Trotting New Series!

This series follows a family across the globe as they visit friends and relatives all around the world, learning about different global currencies and cultures.

Cash Cows in Atlanta is the first in the series, with layouts in process for San Francisco, Toronto, London, Tokyo, Rome, Singapore, Paris, Los Angeles, and Taipei.


With international travel at a standstill, this series will let students travel the world in the books.

They can see sights, recognize landmarks, learn history “bites”, understand and appreciate diverse customs, and learn how to convert dollars to yen!

Cash Cows Atlanta Cover 2022.png, Kyna-Fitero, Book, Atlanta Book, Children's Book 2022, Best Children's Book, Author Grant Means, Illustrator Maria Kyna Fitero Flordelis


written by Grant Means

illustrated by Maria Kyna Fitero-Flordelis and Victoria Horng

First in the international Cash Cows series, the Atlanta Cow family goes out on their bikes to explore the city sights. They learn fun facts as they see the skyline, Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Piedmont Park, and they also practice good manners being good visitors along the way. In the Rose Garden, each Cow gets inspired to travel and learn about other cities around the world.


Stay tuned to see where in the world these curious Cows go next!

Coming Soon!

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Cash Cows in London

Cash Cows in Los Angeles

Cash Cows in Paris

Cash Cows in Rome

Cash Cows in San Francisco

Cash Cows in Singapore

Cash Cows in Taipei

Cash Cows in Tokyo

Cash Cows in Toronto

Books available on Amazon, with Kindle editions and international translations to match each city
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Middle School

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