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Our Purpose

Financial illiteracy is an inter-generational problem, perpetuated by every age group. We address that by developing content and programs for every point in the education cycle: kindergarten through college.

By investing in our youth we put the next generation on a path towards a prosperous future by giving them a set of tools that lets them strengthen their economic resilience and build financial wellness from early on in life.

Planting these seeds of knowledge shows them how to sprout new pathways, that will change the shape of poverty, parity and possibility! Our team at Start Now Press is committed to making this dream a reality.

Student loan debt is over $1.6 Trillion
Income inequality in the US continues to grow 
Students of color are especially affected 
Too many students in the middle of our most vibrant cities remain unconnected to the world around them, feeling alienated and unwelcome 
Too many children grow up without seeing their true value and potential
These children are our country’s most undervalued assets.

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.


The second best time is NOW!"

- Ancient Proverb



Start Now Programs show the power of preparation for the future with materials that engage and energize students through innovative stories, activities and instructional tools that are hopeful, positive and effective.

The lessons teach how to leverage time, knowledge and talents with an incremental thoughtful process which helps students build a mental and emotional tool-kit. This holds the promise of healthier generations who can take control of their story even when faced with social and economic crises, like the pandemic we are all facing today, with the shocks hitting every aspect of life – health, job security, savings, education, and family.

Post-Covid, students and people of all ages will be looking for ways to recover from the financial hits and the psychological emotional damage done.

There has never been a better time to build a life tool kit to help future generations plant power seeds of perspective, patience and possibility that will help them – not just to survive, but to grow and thrive.

This is the time. To start now.


The Story Behind

As a child of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), Grant Means saw the widespread pain and panic caused by financial uncertainty. This spurred a relentless personal search for the value of a dollar – over time, Grant felt a broader calling to tackle poverty, inequality, and the shrinking middle class in a new, under-addressed way.

Kids have a key advantage over their adult counterparts: they have more time. If we start now, and diligently empower future generations through intentional environments designed for impactful education, we can help children leverage their time to drastically diminish the shape and stature of poverty.

In earning the Eagle Scout rank, Grant gained a love of nature and commitment to help other people at all times. In that light, his lifelong mission is to plant seeds of knowledge that teach others to grow, climb, and soar to greater heights. He is inspired by the vision “That all people are empowered to learn practical wisdom and achieve a better tomorrow.”

With his commitment to improving financial literacy for K through college, Grant founded Start Now as the first step on this path.


​Each of us has the ability to plant positive seeds.

So, go ahead...

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