Financial illiteracy is an inter-generational problem, perpetuated by every age group. We address that by developing content and programs for every point in that cycle, for all ages, Kindergarten through College.


Early Education

The Peachy Pig   |   The Preserving Pig   |   The Prosperity Pig

Based on the familiar classic of The Three Little Pigs, these colorful books have a story that makes financial topics simple, tangible and fun!


Elementary School

Cash Cows (4 - 6 grades)

This series follows a family around the world as they visit friends and relatives, learning about different global currencies and cultures.


Middle School

Finance Fridays

Programming designed to build a healthy relationship with money. Students pivot from knowledge and basic principles to applications and key practices.


High School

Start Now Pathways

As they transition to adulthood, students gain critical knowledge with over forty modules of key financial literacy topics.


College & University

Start Now Podcasts

Eight topics are covered in a college semester with a 30 minute conversational talk-show format featuring a guest expert on each show topic.


This is a great idea! 

A lot of parents and grandparents would be very interested in their children being exposed to these fiscal concepts in such an age-appropriate, fun way. 

Sherry C. - 2nd grade teacher